Hello and welcome to So Bad It’s Good.

It’s a ‘coming of age’ comic set in the Los Angeles area of Southern California, USA. With some luck it’ll have some laughs, some awkwardness, perhaps a few tears, and when it’s over we’ll all be the better for it.

In this about page you will find no promises of greatness but you will also find no apology. I hope you’ll have as much fun reading SBIG as I do writing and drawing it.


So Bad It’s Good is written and drawn by Laurence “DigitalSocrates” Kerr. He has done a few other comics of varying and arguable quality which are archived at http://www.cyphimedia.com/comics.html, as well as a more current journal comic at http://comicrehab.com.

He can be reliably contacted on his Tumblr at http://digitalsocrates.tumblr.com.